Wisdom v’s Truth

We are definitely a team
You can’t make one of us work
Without the other – so be careful
Truth alone does not make you smart

Truth says:

I certainly am what it says on the tin
And I have no problem
Hitting you where it hurts
It’s correct: Until you get hold of me
You will not be set free
Because I always show you what’s what
But I can be like fire
So don’t dispense me unless you have to
And how do you know that
Well, my friend can help you

Wisdom says:

Like a good wine – I mature with age
And without me you will get into trouble
There are impostors, pretending to be me
But you can spot them a mile off
Always telling you just want you want to hear
I am much more subtle – not always liked
I am very serious but rarely a bulldozer
So just be careful if you think you’re clever
We probably haven’t been acquainted yet
Come and find me – but have patience
I will be waiting in the years to come

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